Pack T-Shirt

Class B - Pack 1758 T-Shirt (Front)

Pack Tshirt

Class B - Pack 1758 T-Shirt (Back)

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We are currently taking pre-order for Class B Pack 1758 T-shirts for 2022-2023!

Be sure to order a shirt for siblings and adults that will attend Pack events. These shirts can be worn during most of our outdoor events such as hikes, stream clean up, and camp outs.

If you wish to purchase T-shirts, please complete the Pack T-Shirt Pre-Order Form ( before September 21st, 2022 to ensure we get your desired shirt size and quantity.

The price for the Pack T-shirt is $12.50 per shirt. Acceptable forms of payment include PayPal, Cash or Check. You MUST present either Paypal payment confirmation or have paid in full by Cash or Check at the time of T-shirt pick up.


1) PayPal Payment Instruction: Click on Link: paypalme/pack1758. Simply enter the total amount and add a note "2022-2023 Pack Shirt" for the purchase. Uncheck the Paying for Good or Services to eliminate the transaction fees!

2) If you have already placed an order for your T Shirt previously (before September 15th, 2022) through the Pack 1758 website and have already paid in full, you Do NOT need to submit the Pre-Order Form again.

3) Shirt design, available sizes and measurements as are available on the Pre-Order Form for your convenience.

*Tee Description : Navy blue, heavyweight, 100% cotton tee with 'Gold'(deep yellow) print on front and back.

The front features a 'Tribal Mascots' design representing all of the den mascots and 'PACK 1758, ROCKVILLE, USA'. The back features the slogan ‘RUNNING WITH THE PACK, PACK 1758’ with an American eagle/ fleur de lis emblem.

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